Natalie Mosher1

by Natalie Mosher-USA/UK

So, we have officially made it through our first week and so far it has been very interesting. When we first got here it was all about the introductions and welcoming everyone to the DTS. We had a lot of orientation meetings to help us all get situated. Then on Wednesday we had our first class with Laurence Singlehurst. He taught on postmodernism and gave loads of information on the history of the church and some of the ways we have brought ourselves thus far. It was really interesting to hear what he had to say. I know that for me I was aware of some of these things but the way he presented them made it much clearer. He presented the problems but then gave practical ways of applying these truths that made you actually want to go for it and make that change. He also talked a lot about four key values that shape our behaviour and for me these were such simple things but things I had never had put into such perspective. So I guess for me the start of this DTS has been really amazing and the lessons being taught are most defiantly altering the way I have thought up till now. That is the main reason I wanted to be in this place. So that I could be filled with new understanding and be taught new revelations that will bring my ideals to a higher level, so far so good!
Oh, by the way my name is Natalie Mosher and I’m from the little state of Connecticut in the US and I’m just here filling you all in on the first week of DTS and making everyone back at home jealous that they can’t be here.

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