Several members of the Orphans Know More (OKM) team have just returned from a trip to Uganda where they have been meeting up with some of the families that have adopted AIDs orphans. The following comments were sent in a newsletter from one of the staff members who just had his first trip to see the work in the field:” It was such a humbling and special time to be able to see the families that OrphanskNOwMore has been working with over the past year. I’d never thought of the impact that a single mosquito net makes on a family, but their testimony of how it has stopped disease significantly, allowed more sleep and therefore aided school grades because the kids aren’t so tired, and also increased well being in the home has really challenged me! It is amazing how the little bit that we do really goes a long way and is so well received!”
Orphans Know More is a relationally based partnership working to give orphans a Face, a Family and a Future. Our pilot project assists Ugandan families caring for 150 HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.
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