Simon Duerr

By Simon Duerr-Switzerland

This was a very inspiring week for the DTS, where we had the privilege of having Patrick Dodson speaking. He shared about the different areas of influence in society, and what our part in that might be, so it started with alot of identity questions and moved on to opportunities and possibilites of going about the passions and dreams that are inside of us.

The style of the lectures was very appealing, for it involved alot of multimedia, but overall we were also challenged by the fact that many of us are quite tired and that there are so many things to process, but it’s definitely good, though it is hard at times.

On the weekend we helped out serving for a wedding held on the base, which was hard work but also great fun, especially since we could eat of the food served there, which was absolutely fantastic!

All in all a very interesting week, I am excited for what is to come next week…


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