Aaron Strietzel

By Aaron Strietzel-USA

We just finished up our sixth week of lecture phase! None of us can believe we are half way done with lectures already. Most of this weeks lectures where about relationship’s taught by John and Suzi Peachey and focused much on restoring broken or hurt relationships in the past. Needless to say there was a time of prayer with much repentance and forgiveness happening. God’s presence seemed to come closer and closer as we cried out for forgiveness of sin! I really do believe the Bible when it says that He is near to the broken and contrite heart. We are deifnately learning more the power of repentance.

Friday’s lecture, which has been probably my favorite so far, was on integrity by Lynn Green. I personally love it when speakers speak the truth in love, but in a very powerful way. You could just sense the authority in the room as the Holy Spirit brought conviction to our hearts. Oh how we need integrity in our generation! God just spoke to my heart during this time asking me where the men and women who will stand up with power and authorty brought about by humility and holiness are! We definately have them out there, but we need more desperately. So often we as Christians don’t even realize our sin until someone else comes along and speaks the truth in love. The key in all of this is love! Without love it is spoken out with condemnation and guilt instead of conviction. We need broken and humble men and women in our generation who will align themselves with God’s standards not the world’s. When they speak, they will speak not with there own authority, but with an authority brought about by the Spirit. I want to be one of these people and am willing to pay the price, are you?

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