The current School of Evangelism who arrived in Harpenden only last week have been sent out on a surprise outreach to various locations around Europe. Having completed for first phase of their school in Norway, the students arrived for what they thought was a month of lectures in Harpenden, but were promptly sent off in pairs to various locations around Europe for a week, with a small budget and faith that God would be with them!

The school of evangelism challenges students about how to practically live out their faith, and that’s what this unexpected outreach is all about: reliance on God and showing God’s love to strangers you meet along the way! The students have been sent to Liverpool, Aberdeen, Austria and Poland. After having worked late one night on a presentation, they all went to class the following day expecting to give presentations but instead were given tickets to go and practise what they have been learning. When asked about the reason for this decision to send the students on a surprise outreach the school leader replied “we wanted them to see the reality of faith in their own lives, and put them in a situation where they have to rely on God”. Who knows what thrilling stories the teams will return with!

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