The School of Evangelism (SOE) students have returned from their surprise outreach – and have come back with amazing stories of God’s provision. The turned up for lectures one morning only to be told there were not going to be lectures during the week, but instead they were given tickets to a European destination, an emergency contact number and £50 between 2 of them. The rest of this article is an account from Ekki, one of the SOE students, who was sent to Aberdeen for his outreach:

“’Pray about everything you do, trust for God to provide for you and befriend people’ was our general task description. To say that I was surprised with this message would be an understatement. To be honest, disbelief mixed with excitement and some anxiety were the feelings that struck me.
Through the week God provided everything we needed. The first night, from Sunday to Monday, the owner of a bar in Aberdeen, Ailsa, paid for us to stay at a youth hostel the first night ( £13 per person per night so we couldn’t have afforded it ourselves). Monday we ate breakfast with a very nice older lady who paid for our breakfast and gave us some cash for some more breakfasts through the week, we were invited to stay at the house of a Scottish man named Kevin for the rest of the week – he lived just 3 minutes form the main street of Aberdeen – ad we met three French students that we hung out with several times through the week and became our friends. The rest of the week looked much the same, even though we had our ups and downs, we prayed, God provided for us, we met people we could be a blessing for and people who could be a blessing for us. We even had a three course home made meal during the week.
When we arrived London on Sunday morning the 5th of November, Janelle and me could look back on an amazing week where God had put us in a situation we would have to trust in Him with everything. We still had enough money for both of us to get a Starbucks coffee on our short stop in London as we were finding our way through the tubes to the place our train left from. God used this week to expand my faith, my heart for Himself and for the people He loves and so much more.”

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