Natalie Mosher

By Natalie Mosher-USA/UK

So we’ve come to the end of our time here in Leicester. We left Tuesday morning by bus to come home to Harpenden and do some last minute packing and say our final farewells. And then early Wednesday morning our team split in to two groups and we finally made our way down to South Africa. It took us all two days to get here, with the time difference and everything. We didn’t arrive in South Africa until Thursday night. We travelled by bus from the airport, which took about nine hours and then from there we took a taxi that finally brought us to our destination. Thankfully we had about three days to do nothing. It was amazing and well needed. We’ve gotten to sleep in and travel into town. Durban is beautiful. On Sunday we went in to Durban and sat by the beach all day and soaked up as much sun as possible. All the girls were in heaven, a warm beach, sand, sun what more could you ask for! And then on Monday we went in to a huge shopping mall and looked around and just took time hanging out together as a group. And now for the rest of the week and most of our time here in Durban we will be helping out with a program called World Changers. World Changers is a group that goes around to all the townships and tries to get as many people as possible to come to there different school centres and learn basic life skills. So we as a team have broken up into three groups and are helping out by teaching and building relationship with the students. It’s an amazing experience for us as a team to be able to come along side these guys and help in anyway we can. So we’ve just had our first day and everything went really well. We’re all excited to see the outcome of these students at the end of the five weeks.

So, were here and were all well, missing everyone back at the base!

Everyone sends lots of love

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