Dan Lake

by Dan Lake-New Zealand

Hey All

Wow….only 15 days to go until the Jan DTS starts and I am really looking forward to it. As part of the leadership team for the school I have been so encouraged by how much God has been revealing His plans for the school and we just get to do the exciting stuff – walk in obedience! It is crazy to think that in just over 2 weeks there will be loads of young people gathering here in Harpenden to start on 6 months of consecration to God. What an absolute privilege it is for us who are leading to be in on this!!!

Ephesians 1:17-19 is a prayer from Paul to the Church members in Ephesis that they would receive, through faith, the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to KNOW CHRIST. And that is all that we want for the school this Jan. For 6 months, we want to KNOW Christ, to experience Him, to be lost in the wonder of our Lord. Oh that we could and would grow in Intimacy and the Knowledge of Him. And where Paul talks about the eyes of our hearts being “enlightened” – what is that? Is it like a Buddha state of being? Is it clouds in the sky? No way – it is simply us walking in humble obedience to the revealed Word of God. As a school we want to explore this prayer, this journey with Jesus to Know Him better.

There is STILL TIME TO JOIN the Jan 07 DTS in Harpenden. Right up until the last minute, we’re accepting applications for the school, along with all the forms, etc that you need to fill in. But it’s worth it. It is worth the 6 months. It is worth the effort. It is worth it for Knowing Him Better. If you have been thinking about it and aren’t sure. Now is the time to be sure, fill in an application and get moving to join us here on Jan 22nd for the next Harpenden DTS.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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