Cindy Hurtado

By Cindy Hurtado-Ecuador

We started our outreach last Thursday, and for the first two weeks of the outreach we will be in Leicester. I’m a little bit sad because two of our classmates didn’t come with us. It was a hard moment for all the team, but we support and love them, although we miss them and it’s not the same without them, but I know that God has a purpose in all of these as He knows everything better than we do.

Well let me tell you about our first days of the outreach, we are staying in a house that belongs to a church where we are working with. Everything here is very different than Harpenden as here there are a lot of mosques, and Leicester is a very diverse place culturally. It’s very excited to be able to see and know other cultures and different people. It’s been a challenging time for all the team as we are now living in the same house and our character is being formed, but we are seeing the love and power of God. We have been working with children at church and sharing the gospel in the streets, which is a challenge to share and talk about Jesus in this area because there are a lot of different beliefs, but I know that God brought us here with a purpose and for Him nothing is impossible.!!

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