Hanna Song

by Hanna Song-South Korea

Hello everyone,

Yeeeees! The DTS starts in a week now. I am very looking forward to this DTS, with great excitement and anticipation!

I’m thrilled to have so many passionate-young people from all over the world, who are wonderfully made by the image of God. It’s been amazing to see how everything has been worked out well according to God’s plan. I believe that it will be a rich time of learning for us all, whether staff or student. I am praying that we will all have a deeper appreciation of the Father’s love for us, and a fresh meeting with Jesus. May we all allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse, inspire and fill us throughout the school.

As a leader myself, I am here to serve you, and pray that you may be filled with a sense of hope and a vision for the good plans the Lord has for you. Let’s lean together from His spirit, His word and His people!

With Love from


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