Tripp Prince

By Tripp Prince-USA

As I sit and write, I am overwhelmed with such a sense of excitement and anticipation. From the first moment we arrived at the base, there has been as sense among us as a school that this was going to be a time that God was going to reveal himself to us in a powerful way and use us to impact many peoples lives. In these first few weeks we have enjoyed getting to know one another, spending time with God, and reflecting on the beauty of His creation.

We have an amazing group of people in this DTS and God has given us all a real sense of unity and purpose, despite our different personal and cultural backgrounds. With the nations of Korea, New Zealand, Ecuador, Brazil, Holland, England, Canada, and America represented, it’s clear that we have a very diverse group.

A few highlights of the first few weeks included having the International Chairman of Youth With a Mission, Lynn Green, share with us a bit of the history of YWAM as an organization and specifically how YWAM England came to be. It is an amazing story of hearing and obeying God’s voice and is exciting to hear of the many ways in which God has provided for and guided these men and women over the years. We were also freshly challenged by Trent Shepherd to see the Bible as a narrative and that it is an amazing story of God’s plan to bring us into a love relationship with Him. Outstanding teaching on additional topics such as prayer, hearing God’s voice, and hospitality has further challenged us this week to become more like Jesus in all areas of our lives.

Please pray for us as a school that we will continue to learn from one another and treat each other with love and respect. We know God has amazing plans for all of us during the coming months and we are all so excited to see where He leads and directs us as individuals and as a team.

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