Kelly Ribeiro

By Kelly Ribeiro-USA
How much God has helped our group thus far. We’ve grown so much in our faith and as a unit, we’re like family. I personally have grown so much in my freedom to be myself, because for the first time I feel accepted by my peers.

It’s just so exciting waking up in the morning and knowing that you are about to learn something new that you can apply to your Christian walk with God.

This week we had some really great teaching done by Philip Powell and Don Price. Philip Powell taught us that we must understand the world view of wherever God will send us to do missions. We also learned that each person has their own personal world view which is affected by variables such as the person’s culture and heritage. A worldview is someone’s perspective of the world. We then had Don Price come and lecture us on God’s character and the nature of God. He taught us that God will never give you so much guidance that you won’t need faith. Don also taught us about different fears people can have.

One I really have struggled with, myself, is a fear of the future, i.e. fearing the unknown. I struggle with this because I like to know everything that’s going to happen ahead of time so I can plan things in advance.

His lecture, however, just taught us to take things one day at a time. In other words, we need to learn to trust God. We also learned that the more we know God the more we can trust him. It is also important to have a relationship with the whole Trinity and not just one aspect of it. Among many things we were taught is that we are to love ourselves before we can love others. To many of us this is probably the hardest lesson we’ve learnt this week. It’s so hard to love yourself when most of the time we are our own worst critics. We can many times see things that are wrong with ourselves that we are able to hide from others and etc. The thing that is most prominent in my mind when reflecting on this past week is that we learned that with love comes unity. That might be at the root of why the DTS is so united.

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