Melissa Leon

By Melissa Leon-UK

We learned so much in this week’s classes on Relationships taught by Serena Baker. The main focus was on our relationships with our families and how much they influence us. We also briefly explored dating relationships. It was significant to see how easy it is to accept negativity through name calling and labeling, even though God sees us as His children who He loves unconditionally. Serena highlighted the fact that we need to be more aware of negative influences and, if we need to forgive someone who played, or plays, an important role in our lives, we should so that we can move forward. We are unable to change others but we can make a conscious effort to change ourselves with the help of God. This week’s teaching has definitely challenged me to explore my own family relationships and to do what I need to, to ensure I am a positive influence. Serena talked about dating too, and how important it is for two people in a relationship to respect each other and put the other person first, before themselves. She re-iterated the biblical fact that sex before marriage is wrong and to avoid falling into this sin you should put practical boundaries in place that both can abide by. I feel like my eyes have been opened to so many new things this week, and I really enjoyed our lectures on relationships.

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