Natalie Fertig

By Natalie Fertig-USA

So this last week went well. From Tuesday until Thursday we helped out with the Life Skills classes run by World Changers Academy. They talked about things like goal setting and getting a vision for your life. We organized some games that the students could play that would make these principles practical in their lives. It was a good time, and we know we probably made an impact on their lives, as well as learned some things from the different classes we listened in on. Then on Friday we worked around the World Changers house, washing all their dirty windows and then spending some team time together.
We had a very refreshing weekend, in which we spent Saturday picking up some much needed items at the nearby mall and just chilling together as a team, with some of the World Changers staff, and then on Sunday we headed out to the beach where we held our own church service right on the sand. We called it “Beachside Bible Church!” It was very fun – each of us had a part in it, whether it was worship or a reading from the Bible, or organizing communion. We definitely enjoyed it, and so did our Zulu friends who joined us! And now, as a new week starts, we’re looking at visiting orphanages, possibly helping out with AIDS hospice care, and then on Friday we’re going back to the Life Skills classes to do some Niko-type team building games with them.

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