Megan Giesler

By Megan Giesler-USA

This week was full of suprises on a personal and community level. The character of this week’s teaching inevitable created us to have to be vulnerable with each other. By taking a close-up view of the heart of our earthly father we were able to begin to identify the distorted view we have made of our heavenly father. Claude used the week to help us to begin to embrace and be embraced by the parent God wants to be to each of us His children. We were enlightened on the Fahter’s repsonsibility, blessed with a true understanding of the genuine, unconditional, pure love of God. Ultimately, unforgiveness of wrongs done to us in thie type of relationship keep us from lasting joy of intimacy with our father. Claude thus led us thru steps from unforgiveness to freedom in forgiveness.

As I stated this week was full of unexpected turns. Many of the things I anticipated to be response for personal pain, doubt, or question were not sources of grievances at all but rather incidence I did not forsee.

Claude was the perfect bearer of the Father heart of God. His humility allowed God to work thru him in great proportions. He helped to continue our growth as a school as well by helping us see the picture we display of children, all of one Amazing Father!

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