Rachael Prince

By Rachael Prince-USA

The January DTS recently went on our first outreach to Leicester. It went well and everyone on the team was encouraged by our time there. We stayed in a house owned by a local church in the city named Trinity Life Church and we were able to team up with several people already working in the city. We spent our days in smaller groups doing a variety of things. Some people were able to do practical work to bless Trinity Life Church, others went into the city centre to have conversations with people about Jesus, and another group went into the muslim community to share God’s love with them. While we were in Leicester we were also able to help put on a youth evangelistic concert. This concert was led by a local ministry in Leicester called “Transfusion”. It was a great experience and a chance for us to get outside of our comfort zones. Our speaker for the week, Britt from Norway, was able to come to Leicester with us and participate in the outreach. She gave us outstanding teaching on evangelism and showed us how evangelism is a lifestyle, something we model everyday by the way we live. One thing she said that really stuck with me was that “we need to build bridges that are friendships and are strong enough to hold the truth.” I really enjoyed our outreach in Leicester and I feel that we were drawn closer to God and to each other during the five days there. This experience gave me a deeper excitement and passion for our upcoming outreach to Asia!

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