Heidi Quiel

By Heidi Quiel-USA

The week started out with a statement: if you are in a place without power, you are in a place to learn. Sarah Lanier came to our class this week and talked about different cultures and how we are to fit into cultures other than our own. It was amazing to step back and see why I felt different and weird with others and why they didn’t understand me. It was very eye opening as we learned about hot or cold climate cultures, and high or low context cultures. The two cultures are very different and can often clash. I have experienced this in my own room. I share a big room with a girl from Holland, Brazil and Ecuador and we all came from very different cultures. Some are direct and others are very indirect, some think everything matters where others are relaxed about everything. My room would often be a place of misunderstandings, until this week when our eyes were opened. We began to understand each other and from there we began to learn about each other’s culture. I learned so much about how to understand people and the importance of not having power in order to learn and grow in God.

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