Janice Entee

By Janice Entee-Ghana

After six long months, the school finally comes to an end. It is incredible to think of all that the Lord did in each person’s life and the growth that has taken place. The team arrived back in England from South Africa where they have been doing their outreach and then it was a week of debriefing.

The debriefing went very well, processing over the past six months of God’s faithfulness and student’s realising that they are not at the same place they were when they first came in. Sue Pratt who was debriefing the students, led them to speak about their highlights and challenges especially on the outreach. Each individual also processed what their role has been on the team and how have they seen themselves being used by God in their relationship with each other and those they were ministering to. The challenges were also processed and students were encouraged to not just look at what was not to see in what ways their lives impacted others and their own growth.

We ended the week with the students graduating and a very positive experience that lives has been transformed and that testifies of God’s goodness and faithfulness that as we seek and press in to know him more, he reveals himself to us and bring about wholeness in our lives.

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