This course trains students to effectively serve children in need. participants develop their counselling skills, and learn how to use counseling tools and aids. The spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the child are considered throughout the course, and students gain an understanding of God’s compassionate heart for children. The lecture phase covers the following topics: God’s heart for the child, developmental stages and issues, entering a child’s world, the sexually, physically and emotionally abused child, the world of the disabled child, creative counseling methods for reaching children, the child and shame (its causes, effects and healing).

Prerequisite: Discipleship Training School (DTS) or Crossroad Discipleship Training School (CDTS)

Practicum (minimun 3 months)

Following the lecture phase, there is a practicum tailor made to the particular interest of the student. We place a high importance on all students doing the practicum as it is a key time for putting into practice all that has been learnt during the lecture phase, and develops confidence in using the acquired skills. A mininum of three months is suggested for the practicum. For more information contact:

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