The skies withheld their forecast rain and the guests came dressed to the nines to enjoy the second Orphans Know More Summer Party, held in the Oval grounds on Saturday 23rd of June. Attended by 200 people, organized by three vivacious and creative local Harpenden ladies, and run by a host of generous volunteers, the evening was a huge success. It achieved its purpose in raising awareness and support for the Ugandan families who are opening their hearts and homes to many children orphaned by war and HIV AIDS. It was a great honor to be joined by Sam and Irene Kisolo, who lead Orphans Know More in Uganda. Sam shared their story of adopting orphaned children into their family, and the importance of children being in families. Throughout the evening, which included dinner followed by a dance, generous donations were given and money was raised through a silent auction, sales of handmade Ugandan crafts, and a 10 pound draw. The event organizers finished in the early hours of Sunday morning, tired but very pleased that more people had heard about the plight of these many beautiful children in Uganda, and hopeful that the word and support will continue to spread.

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