– Megan Giesler
staff on next wave DTS;
ok so let’s all just take a brief second to slow down when I get my head around this last week. ………..has been like a whirlwind for sure! got back from stateside mid-week and immediately began to try to gain the ground lost on the time away.
This pioneering thing, combined with a DTS, combined with a wobbly foundation(no the boat, my God is solid) is proving to be an thrilling project to be involved in. The last several days have been adapting to the staff team and together executing neccesary steps before the students arrive on the 8th.

Morning, drag yourself to the caffiene for the wakeup call before heading off to training seminars. Practical projects, local outreachs, discussions, and enquiries- all in a day’s work! We have had the pleasure of running a cafe for a local church two days this week, paint the flats of a few people here on base, hear wisdom from a weathered man on the subject of DTS’s and organize some of the aspects of the school we hope to work in.

There is always an application to the things that unvail over our days. Seems this week the Lord has been working on us in the area of doubt being overcome by persevering. That although things don’t look as we expected they are undoubtedly coming together in the perfect craftiness of the Creator. So it is perhaps not for our eyes to see but our hearts to follow obediently.

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