By John Monsour

Monday was summed up for me in few words, historical perspective and inspiration. We had two main speakers today. Henry Olonga and Martin Robinson. Martin spoke to us first after a wonderful time of creative worship in the morning. Martin spoke on the history of the church reforming society-where it has succeeded, where it has failed, and why. It was enlightening to see what we talk about in Re:Engage from a twenty thousand foot vantage point and realize that this struggle to usher in the Kingdom of God has been going on long before we ever thought about it in Re:Engage. It was encouraging for me to see that it indeed can happen and there are for runners like Wesley and Wilberforce that have gone before us.
Henry Olonga wrapped the evening with a honest and genuine account of his own career as a Zimbabwean Cricket player and standing up for truth in the middle of a corrupt situation and encouraged us to do likewise.

Tuesday was all about practicality for me. As great as Re:Engage has been, I was ready to get home so I can begin to work out some of what we’ve spoke about these past several days. Frank Bakker (A Christian Businessman in India) gave a challenging and impassioned talk on Business being Mission, what it means to be a Priest and a professional, and the importance of standing up against spiritual darkness and strongholds where God calls you.

Wednesday was a refreshing day as we ventured out to the forest behind the Factory to Praise God by drums, guitar, and proclaiming his goodness together. It was so relaxing and intimate and I know many would have enjoyed staying out there all day. We rushed back however, to begin the day’s teaching. It happened to be on Justice and Philip Powell gave a informative and thought provoking talk on Justice. What does it mean, how does one define it, how does one fight on behalf of it? Lucy brought it down to a personal level through a educational talk on HIV / AIDS. She spoke on how it is contracted, the way HIV progresses, who is at risk, and her work fighting the virus. It was a straightforward and equally informative talk that everyone needs to hear in my opinion.

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