Lauren Smith

By Lauren Smith – UK

This year Reengage began with Lynn Green speaking to us about the influential lives of Daniel and Nehemiah. It was an encouraging beginning and really set the tone for all of us to think bigger and wider than our day-to-day jobs and to inspire us to dream and align ourselves with God’s great plans to shape and mould the spheres to Him. Personally I was challenged to really open up my heart and mind to the possibilities and future plans that God may have in the field of education.

On Tuesday, a group from Christ Church, Fulham came and taught us on repentance, spiritual DNA and ‘Jesus Ministry’. They modelled and ministered to us freedom in our Christian walk and identity, sharing with us great stories of leaning into God and living with Him in greater dependency.
The week continued with sessions with Ann Holt and Robin Scurlock, both desiring to break down the secular/sacred divide and stir up believers to serve God fully in the work place and in every sector of society we find ourselves called to.

At times in the last few days I’ve felt the challenges so close and the task ahead can seem overwhelming. But how good it is to know that we don’t have to work out every future plan in and of ourselves, but we partner alongside God and alongside so many others too. The stories of both Daniel and Nehemiah are ones of faithful and obedient steps, of men who knew their God and knew their identity as one of His children and as a friend.

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