-Mark D

“How was my week?”, you ask. My short answer is “Not too shabby!”. But really, you want to know a bit more than that so let me tell you a bit about my week.

It’s been quite an busy week in many ways. All the team is focused mainly on preparing for the training course (www.businessasmission.com/pages/training) we’ll be running next year, our team dynamic has been stretched but it’s has been great! We’ve had quite a few good laughs in the office this week. Work is currently quite busy as we are really stepping up the preparations for the course. Most of our work at the moment is in the office. We’ve got a lot of communication with potential students for the course, communications with those who will be involved in teaching and coaching, then we’re also getting on with the ligistical side of things. I’m going off to Thailand at the end of the month to do some ground preparations and attend a couple of conferences, so this makes the time pressure more real. This coming trip will be to sort out a lot of the logistics. I will be in Thailand with a few of my team and we will also be doing a seminar at the U of N workshop taking place there the first few days of September. So I’ve also spent time with my team leader working on a presentation for the seminar.

“Do you just work?”, I hear you say. Well, sometimes it feels like it. I’m also nick-named ‘Stranger’ in my flat, because I’m more at work than in the flat. But no, I don’t just work I do other things despite the poor weather that we’ve had most of the week. I had football training on tuesday and a play in the 5-a-side league on wednesday evening – we won, again! Thursday night, I had the pleasure of being Uncle Mark and babysit for a family on base. That’s always good fun, but I’m also glad that there’s enough peole around that it doesn’t happen all the time. It’s great living with so many families around, that are all so different because of culture and personalities. I also entertained a friend from church on wednesday evening. She needed to be distracted from thinking about her A-level results coming out the following day (she got 4 A’s, so she had nothing to worry about!), so we were going to play tennis but the weather didn’t permit. So after dinner, she came to cheer us on playing 5-a-side, which she found most entertaining – having supporters there is a rare occurence!

That’s an overview of my week…and to be honest, I’ve been so busy that I’ve got some catching up to do on cleaning and laundry in the flat! That’s life!

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