Along with millions of believers around the world, YWAM Harpenden is participating in the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world ( The theme of this year’s prayer event is “Loving Muslims Through Prayer”. A few years ago, YWAM Harpenden sent out a young lady who personifies this theme in her life.

Marlee came to YWAM Harpenden in 2002 from a nation in Central America. Her aim was to improve her English, but her heart was always for the poor and needy, and particularly for Muslim people. She was part of the community here for about 2 years, as a student, and a volunteer. Finally, she completed the School of Islamic Studies before being sent out to India, where she currently serves as a team leader with a ministry working to improve the lives of women from a large city slum area.

As we participate in these days of prayer for Muslim people, Marlee encourages us about the importance of prayer from her experiences

“This photo represents the multitude of Muslims who visit a sacred place at the tomb of one of their leaders, and wherprayere they put their faith, believing their needs will be met and miracles will happen. Only the men are permitted to go inside and the women pray outside with less hope that their prayers will be heard. It saddens me to see them in this spiritual darkness but at the same time I have a profound desire to pray for them proclaiming that their eyes be open to recognize Jesus who will satisfy their deepest need…salvation!!! Jesus, who not only can miraculously heal their sick bodies, He is the only one who can perform a miracle in the deepest place of their hearts… Brothers and sisters, God has blessed us and has permitted us to bless others in all the nations. Through your prayers you can be a part of bringing the nations to God’s throne.”

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