– by Tamara Neely

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YWAM Harpenden kicked off its annual At Home Days last Sunday with a lively afternoon of fun and fellowship in the last of the summer sunshine. Boisterous games included community members of all ages, followed by a leisurely barbeque and fireside chats.

The first full day of this gathering of around 80 staff members was held in the Factory building. First on the agenda was the commissioning of John Peachey as the new base director. John is familiar to this role, having held it previously from 1991? To 2000? With his wife, Suzi, he was anointed by base elder and International Chairman, Lynn Green, and prayed over by the community to lead with a team for this next season.

John spoke to the staff of the future of YWAM Harpenden. On the heels of words shared at the Global Leadership Team last month (see previous article) Harpenden is reflecting the same anticipation of having “crossed the Jordan” and awaiting the blessing of the Lord. The community was encouraged to expect to see the breakthroughs we have been praying for, particularly in finances, service staff and evangelistic opportunities and to prepare for them practically. John cited the story of two farmers who prayed for rain – “Only one went out to plow his field . Which one had faith in God?” – and referred to ways we will be demonstrating our faith in God’s provision at the Oval through practical projects in fundraising, stewardship and evangelism. Some of these projects were displayed around the meeting room, and staff had opportunities to contribute ideas and commitments to small, medium and large ideas for improving and stewarding the ministries of Highfield Oval.

The final day was focused on corporate and individual finances. A presentation of the financial situation at the Oval was made, and prayer for the individual needs of staff were prayed for. The community gave generously to one another at the closing Love Feast.

Members of staff commented on the refreshingly forward-looking nature of this year’s At Home Days. The Oval community will meet again for 3 days “At Home” in January 2008.

See photos from the at home days here

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