It’s back to school in the UK this week, so that means back to routine for YWAM Harpenden. Summer sees us loosening up the schedule – community meetings become “coffee and chat” mornings, as many of our staff are away on furloughs, outreaches and holidays, and more effort is made to deal with outside maintenance projects as we make the most of the sunshine.

Now, however, the trees are starting to turn colour, the apples in our wild orchard are ready for picking and it’s time to get down to business. We kick off the start of the new season with our annual “At Home Days” time in a couple of weeks. This is an opportunity for as many of our community as possible to get together for a few days of fellowship, worship, intercession and re-focusing on who we are and why we are here. So preparations are underway for that event, as well as the upcoming DTS Gathering and Word and Spirit week at the end of October, which will be another “all hands on deck” affair. Meanwhile, in the DTS centre, final applications are being processed for the DTS beginning 2 October.

Perhaps the busiest office on base at present is the 30 Days office, which distributes the 30 Days of Prayer guide for England. The 30 Days of Prayer is an annual prayer event, started by YWAM in 1993, to educate Christians in praying for the Muslim world. The event runs simultaneously with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins this year on September 13, and the guide helps Christians pray daily throughout the month for different Muslim people groups and ministries. The event has been an outstanding phenomenon. Millions of Christians take part all over the world, and the impact of this time of prayer is far reaching and eternal. This year, you can order the guide from us, or from your local distributor by going to You can also sign up for daily email updates or buy a fantastic children’s version.

And finally, the Oval is pleased to welcome the Bishop family – Steve, Jo and the children Naomi (13), Esther (11) and Abigail (9).
They are a British family, but they come to us after serving for 7 years in YWAM Buenos Aires, Argentina in the area of DTS staffing, leadership and directing. Steve has been part of the YWAM Argentina National leadership team since the beginning of this year. Steve will be joining our DTS centre team, bringing all his wisdom and experience and Jo will be initially helping the children settle in and adjust to life in England.

As you can see it is all change here – but we are excited to begin this new season and see what God has for us!

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