YWAM International Chairman, Lynn Green, who is based here at Harpenden, returns this week from the annual YWAM Global Leadership Team meetings. He was accompanied by several other Harpenden staff who serve in communications and administrative roles with the International Chairman’s team. They will return exhausted from a busy round of meetings in Jeju, South Korea, but they have already been enthusiastically sending reports about the success of this year’s event.

YWAM’s Team3Plus came to the 2007 Global Leadership Team meetings with a sense that YWAM was on the brink of something profound and extraordinary. During the course of the week, Loren Cunningham, John Dawson and Lynn Green (Team3) reminded the group of a series of prophetic words coming from independent sources that confirm a conviction that YWAM is entering a time of unprecedented growth.

Early in the week, University of the Nations Provost Tom Bloomer shared that he received a word from the Lord one year ago that YWAM had “crossed the Jordan” and was preparing to enter into its inheritance. This word was related to a word he had shared at the HUI in 2000, in which he felt strongly that the Lord said that we were not ready to “go across”. Part of the HUI word was that God had many more projects to share with us, but that we were not ready due to disunity and not really wanting to hear about His plans. During that time of being out of alignment, his feeling was, “We lost ten years.”

But when Bloomer heard in recent months about the promises for release of workers, and about the emerging call2all strategy of YWAM banding with 200 groups and denominations which would provide the means of taking the gospel to reach as many as one billion people with the Good News, he realized why the Lord had not let him share the word about being across the Jordan a year ago.

“That’s what the Lord was waiting to show us,” he said. “He was waiting until we were ready to receive His plans. And after He saw that we were ready, He released this word:
‘YWAM, you’re across!’”

Spiritual Circumcision

But there are conditions for this awesome release. Bloomer compared YWAM to the Israelites once they had crossed the Jordan in Joshua 5. Although victories awaited them, they needed further preparation even after crossing the Jordan. “That’s where we are at right now,” he said. “We have crossed the Jordan, we have responded to God, but we need a new level of His work in us, In order to be able to go on to victories.” Bloomer said that we need to be circumcised of unbelief, cynicism, resistance to leaders, hardness of heart toward followers and co-workers, and temptations to reject the word of the Lord, that is, resisting vision or the prophetic word of the Lord.

Kevin Sutter’s Word— The Tide Has Turned

Just two days later, GLT member Kevin Sutter shared an impression he received from the Lord while walking a beach in July 2007. Sutter was looking at the ocean at low tide when the Lord said ‘Notice how I control the tide’ and reminded Sutter of the constant ebb and flow under His direction. Sutter pulled out his local tide chart which read “low tide 2:13 p.m.”. He looked at his watch, which read exactly 2:13 p.m. The Lord then spoke to Sutter: “Now you know that the tide has just turned. I am bringing in the water, the tide is rising. My goodness and love will be seen by many.” Sutter had the strong impression that this turning tide represents an unprecedented number of young missionaries that will choose YWAM as their means to get to the nations. A wonderful confirmation that we are in a brand-new season!

Brian Brennt’s Word— YWAM is a favored son of the Lord

Brian Brennt pastors New Song City Central Church in Tacoma, Washington. He has spoken and ministered prophetically at many YWAM centers throughout the world. In seeking the Lord, Brennt was especially impressed by God’s special love for YWAM. God has “preserved our voice” for a coming global move, Brennt said, equating this favored status with God’s gift of a mass wave of youth entering YWAM in the next few years. He emphasized that God’s intention is to call young people into purpose, vision and international ministry, and that YWAM has a prescribed role in this. He was one of the people to whom the Lord spoke that He wanted to give us 200,000 new workers. Before leaving Tacoma, Brian received a word for us about Gilgal, the place of Israel’s circumcision in Joshua 5. He had no idea that the Lord had spoken the same word to us already, until he arrived in Jeju!

Brennt warned that having crossed the Jordan, YWAM can still disqualify itself due to inaction or unbelief. He said that we needed to be circumcised; Brennt said that those who are called to speak about God’s unfolding plans will speak clearly and with a “restored voice,” and that many voices will say the same thing as confirmation. God speaks vision, then He gives the plan. We have now received the vision and the plan is soon to follow. “Don’t be discouraged with the speed in which God is moving,” he said.

For detailed reports on each day of the Global Leadership Team meetings, go to ywam.org and visit the news section.

{taken from reports written by Lynn Green, Robert Itzin and Donovon Palmer}

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