-Mark Pratten

Head of Personnel

It’s a bittersweet time on the Oval as we say goodbye to some friends that have served with us here – some for a short time others for a massive chunk of their lives. Part of my role is to help bring a good closure and ensure that the finish is a good one. We’ve also had the joy of seeing new people come to join us – families and young single folk who feel called to impact the nations through this fantastic place called Highfield Oval.

As one new staff member said to me yesterday: “I love this place, there is life springing from it all over the place, in the physical and the natural. There is just so much potential here.. ”. My friend and colleague gave birth yesterday and I have just been to see this beautiful baby and to share in the joy of this precious new life. God is bringing His life in many ways.

We are preparing for our At Home Days when we all come together as a 100-strong community and spend time worshipping the Lord and seek his direction for the year ahead. It is always a powerful and exciting time. Then we will welcome our next Discipleship Training school and look forward to being invaded by fresh new life of students from all over the world. It is a privilege to serve in YWAM and be a part of what God is doing in this amazing place.

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