YWAM Harpenden’s October DTS staff begin arriving this week for two weeks of staff training. 5 men and women will staff this DTS , applications for which are still coming in. The October DTS begins on the 2nd and is being led by Harpenden’s DTS director, Emmanuel Entee.

DTS staff training reinforces the value of discipleship and takes knowing God and making Him known a step further. It is also a time to develop leadership skills which will be utilised throughout the lecture phase and outreach in practical ways. Teaching on how to lead a small group and how to deal with conflict will be on the agenda, as well as times to pray together for the students. The staff training week is also a time to finalise practical preparations for the school, such as transport arrangements and setting up dorm rooms and classrooms.

First time DTS staff , Whitney Randall says, “I’m so excited to start staff training, because I know God has amazing things in store for this school, and these students, and I can’t wait to get ready for them!”

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