My wife and I have just come back to Harpenden after being away for three
months attending the Jesus Ministry School (JMS) in Tacoma, Washington. The JMS
was absolutely fantastic! We were stirred and challenged to a lifestyle of
repentance, passion for Jesus and breakthroughs in faith, prayer and ministry
that have seriously moved us on in our journey with Jesus. Two or three summers
ago, during one of our summer discipleship gatherings here, a question was
asked that has gripped me ever since. The question was, “Where is the Jesus of
the Gospels?” In other words, why do we not see more of the powerful work and
ministry of Jesus, and people living an authentic incarnation of Jesus in the
world? I don’t have answers to that question yet, but I do have a deeper
longing than ever to see these things in our YWAM community and to be sharing
that with a world that is screaming that question.

We had our At Home Days this week. The At Home Days are so called because all
the YWAM Harpenden staff come together for a few days to seek the Lord and hear
what He would say to us. Over the past few months God has been speaking to us
LOUD and CLEAR about being passionate in evangelism and discipleship.
One of my favourite aspects of this week was hearing of ways we can do this. On
Thursday quite a few of us were out scraping, sanding, puttying, priming and
painting windows. There is a huge amount of practical work that we have to do
to keep this site looking at its best. This work is demanding and not very
glamorous, but through it we have lots of fun and learn to work with one
another and love each other more practically, more deeply. Right alongside this
we are asking God to grow our heart for the lost – people who don’t know Jesus’
love. That we would work night and day to share the Good News with them. And
for each of us that we would be growing in our own discipleship and also be
working to grow those others around us that God has entrusted to us. This is
such an exciting work to be a part of. I love it!!!

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