When I walk into the office I never know if I am going to be met by silence and empty chairs or a chaotic ruckus of flurried activity!

It may seem a bit odd to the ‘outside world’ but every day as I get ready for work I have to mentally prepare myself to deal with either a day of mind-numbing typing/staring at a computer screen, or a day of constant running, problem-solving, printer trouble-shooting, emailing, phone answering, and people-finding, not to mention the high chance there is of having to listen to the strangest collection of music in the world courtesy of Daniel!

With the Word and Spirit Week coming up very quickly, life has been a bit more consistently hectic, as I’ve been taking care of last minute registrations, questions, details and other various aspects of the registration process. It’s great to be part of a larger event here on the Oval and it’s been fun to be one of the first to be in contact with people and to see who will be coming!

Our latest project, the Coffee Shop is also a very exciting enterprise to be involved in. Things are beginning to come together as we plan colour schemes, shop for paint, refurbish chairs, find beautiful hard-wood floors under the carpet, get a plumber to put a sink in, and prepare to receive high quality coffee-making equipment! It’s been a long time coming, but we are believing that this coffee shop will be instrumental in drawing young people, especially our local youth into this place we call the Oval and creating a space for conversation, respite, openness, and discipleship to take place!

Being in YWAM has taught me a lot about the value of being flexible and ready for anything. It may be a tough, sometimes a frustrating and challenging journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As Dr. Kelso from Scrubs says, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Never a truer word was spoken!

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