London is the center of the world… sorry to say. Now before you begin to think this is a british nationalistic pow-wow, hear me out.

Being from North America, my transition into life & ministry here in the UK was anticipated with a grain of hesitation and skepticism. God was calling our family into an international role within Business as Missions and we knew this would require extensive travel. But “WHY DID YOU SAY ENGLAND GOD”? In hindsight, I see why God specifically directed us the Harpenden base.

Over the past 24 months, our ministry travel schedule has led us on multiple trips into Central Asia, Africa, SE Asia and North America. It truly is a big world and we all know from our Euclidean geometry classes, a circle is the set of all points in a plane at a fixed distance, called the radius, from a given point, the centre and that the shortest distance from all the edge of a circle is right at the epi-center.(bit of a math nerd here). From England, we’ve been able to fly direct into nearly every country of the world- making journey and recovery time a minimum. This has been a blessing as we’ve not been held up with travel delays, missed connections and drawn out journeys. Being based in England, and subsequently going out from here has made me realize that this nation truly is the center of the world (from a travel perspective).

Now that Heidi and I had baby Madilyn in August, travel becomes an even more consuming thought process. Not having a 17 hr layover over night in a random airport in Asia has become an even more sought after requirement for travel and therefore, Harpenden will continue to be home-base.

This January, our Business as Mission team will host an Introduction to Business as Mission course in Thailand. Are we concerned about the flight? Nope… Direct flight to Bangkok please. That Easy!

If your passing on through the ‘centre’, give us a call. So many of our friends and family have come through London this past year. YOU ARE WELCOME!

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