A couple of weeks ago YWAM Harpenden’s communications team began working on a fundraising page for this website. The project is something staff and students have longed for at the Oval for several years – a coffee shop. Recognising the need for their community to have a centralised place to hang out together, the value of having a suitable place to casually meet guests and colleagues, and the enthusiasm this generation has for the atmosphere a coffee shop creates, it is believed that such a facility would be a wonderful asset to the Oval.

It is not unusual for YWAM bases to have goods donated. It was unusual for the Harpenden centre to receive, in the past fortnight, donations of 26 armchairs, (from Starbucks), 15 café chairs and 10 café tables, all in excellent condition, from local coffee shops which were refurbishing their premises. That has kick-started the process of making this dream a reality.

Next week, the October DTS will relocate from it’s current classroom in the Clock Building, next to the main reception area. Ideally placed close to parking, this classroom will be transformed into a central stop for students, staff, guests and visitors to the YWAM base to get coffee, have a chat, buy books from the bookshop next door, and meet one another.

The base hopes to open the coffee shop by the middle of december. If you are interested in donating to the project then go to the cafe page

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