Growing up in one of the poorest and most dangerous places to live in the world, my dream has always been to help build a peaceful world that is spiritually sound, economically just, and socially reconciled. It only remained a dream until I got in touch with this organisation.

YWAM gave me the space to be who I want to be in God. I can look at my past and see that in many ways I am fulfilling my dreams .The international and God-centred scope of YWAM has given me the privilege to understand the culture and worldviews of different people around the world.

My time here has been busy and fun most of the time. I work two or three times a week in Luton, involved in building interfaith dialogue, organising cultural awareness training for social workers and helping Luton to be a fair trade town.
Meeting people from different cultures has been my best time of study. There is just so much to learn.

I attend meetings in different places in England and have opportunities to speak at different events for the reconciliation centre.
The hunger for God and the desire to see people of the world live together in peace and harmony has been the quest I see on many peoples face every where I go. I can imagine how difficult it is to want to see the world change from the perspectives of the world.

None of us (in YWAM) have all the answers, but the space for you to discover the answers is provided. You will discover your potential, maximise it and many will be blessed through you.

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