Today after doing a little more of the sanding this morning – the professionals arrived! Noel the plumber was helping us put in the necessary pipes so that we can have water come in , and go out of the cafe (as I have heard that water is important in making coffee!).

Considering the 3 foot walks that they have had to drill through as well as taking the water from 2 different sources on 2 different floors, Noel has done a cracking job in getting the piping done!!

Now we just need to finish up the sanding (we have about a fifth of the room left), hopefully that will be done by tomorrow evening. We have also started trying different paint colours out for the walls and ceilings to see if we can make the place look good with a couple of fresh coats! I am staying out of picking the colours as I have never been accused of being good at picking colour schemes so it is definately a wise idea to leave that to people who can visualise the colours better.

Last night we put some colours on the wall, but this morning were disappointed as the colours were a lot darker then they looked on the Dulux sheets! Oh well – back to the shop for some more…

For an intro to the cafe project click here

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