Friend of a Friend is a new ministry based out of YWAM Harpenden. Molly Petersen and I (Sharon Green) are working to link a number of YWAM’s amazing projects out on the field with other YWAM bases, churches, individual donors and businesses. We hope to create an open channel for relationship based giving and support between the field and those at home.

Friend of a Friend (fof) believes that awareness helps eradicate apathy. We believe that if we can increase people’s knowledge they will be moved to action, to go themselves and to give. More often than not, financial giving is the most practical way to partner with projects. Through stories and pictures of our friends in different nations, fof hopes to give a number of global issues a face and a name.

With this in mind Molly and I spent 9 months this year visiting 10 different projects in countries all over the world. Our living circumstances varied from living in the bush of Mozambique with no electricity or running water, to being in the middle of the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The projects ranged from basic healthcare, to leprosy relief, to low income housing and drug rehabilitation.

This year opened our eyes to how amazing, varied and dedicated the YWAM family is. There was not one project that failed to inspire Molly and I with many leaving us awestruck. One of my personal favourites was seeing how YWAM Vietnam has integrated itself into the communist society, using their strengths (i.e. strong sense of community) to work to their advantage. There can be little that is more rewarding than hearing community leaders give excited feedback on how new waste management systems have saved lives and improved quality of life.

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