YWAM England’s sailing training centre, the “Next Wave” is pleased to welcome a new captain. Lehman Franklin is from the USA and has been with YWAM for 8 years.

The Next Wave is an evangelistic and disciplining ministry with a focus on leadership development. The name in itself is a prophetic declaration of the next wave of young leaders that will rise up to change the world. YWAM Harpenden, where the Next Wave office is based, has a team staffing the DTS currently on board.

About his new posting, Lehman Franklin says, “Personally for me, the birth of the Next Wave is something I can hardly believe has taken place. I can look back on my private conversations with God two to three years ago and see how, even then, he was moving and shaping the events to form this ministry into what it is today. Nothing has amazed me more than being a witness to this and the deep understanding that all this has come about not because of man’s desire but because He has wanted it so. Now as I witness this realization unfold almost every day, I am overwhelmed to think of what plans he has in-store for us in the future.”

For more information about opportunities on the Next Wave, please go to www.marinereach.com

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