This weekend, YWAM Harpenden hosted a favorite annual event – the famous Christmas concerts with the King’s Chamber Orchestra.

King’s Chamber orchestra has performed for many years at the Oval. They originally performed as a symphony orchestra, but began regular concerts as a chamber orchestra in the 1990s to support Youth With A Mission at the suggestion of Suzi Peachey, a staff member here who happens to be a cousin of the orchestra’s conductor, Gerard Le Feuvre. KCO’s members are distinguished musicians, committed Christians, and friends whom Gerard has gathered together while freelancing with some of the finest orchestras in the country, and who share an interest in breaking down traditional walls for the sake of reaching a new generation.

The orchestra’s enthusiasm and humour, and a unique ability to touch the public with improvisations and worship, has attracted large and often unprecedented audiences wherever it has regularly performed. During the last twenty years KCO has broadcast, recorded, and performed in a variety of venues ranging from the Royal Albert Hall to a number of more local venues in the “shires”. Highfield Oval is privileged to remain firmly on their schedule, with a teddy bear concert for children (of all ages!) and an evening concert for adults each year around Christmas time.

Both performances were sold out as usual, and concert-goers, many of whom see them as an annual tradition, were delighted once again. “I never miss it” was a common refrain. “I would come to the teddy concert, even if I couldn’t find children to bring with me!” said another regular.

This year, a collection was taken for Orphans Know More, a ministry of Highfield Oval which raises funds to support families who adopt AIDS orphans in Uganda. Concert organisers , Suzi & John Peachey said, “From young children waving their teddies in the air, to a dear lady celebrating her 90th birthday, everyone experienced the laughter and the joy of celebrating together. We are so grateful to Gerard and the King’s Chamber Orchestra for partnering with us to present the heart of Christmas.”

For more information about Orphans Know More, please go to :

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