YWAMer’s around the world were united in support for the staff and students of YWAM Denver, who suffered the loss of two staff members in a tragic shooting incident on December 9th.

Read YWAM’s statements regarding these events at : www.ywam.org

Staff from the International Chairman’s Team, based here at YWAM Harpenden, were engaged immediately with media relations, supporting the team in Colorado as they handled the public interest created by the shooting. A memorial service held on Wednesday was a reflection of the heart of Christ, as forgiveness and healing began to take the place of grief and loss.

See moving highlights of the memorial service at : http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1d7b72dd07106bf78a07

The interest of a nation was captured by the response of YWAM to this tragedy, and the media interest in the United States was intense. Good has come out of these events, however, as positive reports about YWAM’s purpose have encouraged many to inquire about involvement in the mission or give financially to support others. An excellent piece was produced by the Los Angeles Times newspaper which you can read here:


YWAM Denver graduated its students this week, sending many of them on outreach. Staff will take a break over the holidays and return to prepare as usual for the next term of schools in January. Do keep the families and friends of the victims, and those wounded in the shooting, in your prayers.

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