The cafe is making its way to the finish line, slowly but surely. Some of the final painting touches are being made almost as I type. Painting the archway, border and base-boards in a nice ‘Nutmeg’ accent colour to add a sense of warmth and style to the room. The clean white walls really help the room to feel much bigger and more open. It does seem that the more work we do, the more work we realize needs doing! We still have a ways to go before the floor is sealed and varnished and the bar area for the actual coffee machine is still in the beginning stages of production. Not to mention actually getting the coffee machine!
But we’ve been so encouraged by the amount of support and help we have had by others on the Oval. There was a good turn out of Oval staff that came in to help us paint for ‘working Wednesday’ and occasionally one or two DTS students will show up in the afternoon to give us a hand.
So although there is still much to do, things are looking positive, work is getting done and there is an end in sight!

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