It has been a pretty eventful couple of weeks in the Cafe as we have been stripping the paint off our new door, re-painting it, and building and painting the door way.

Currently, our main body of work will be preparing to do the final sanding of the floors before we varnish and seal them!

After the floors are done, we will be building the bar area from which the coffee will be served.

We will then be putting in a window seat, as well as a stage area which will double as a children’s play area. We are also in the process of getting the actual coffee machine, along with grinders and blenders, etc, shipped from California to Harpenden!

So much work has been done and so many volunteers have given their time and expertise to see the Oval Cafe come to fruition. It has been exciting to see everyone take part as some of the last major jobs are done to prepare the Cafe for business!

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