My husband Jon and I moved to the Oval just over 3 months ago to work with the DTS Centre. I must admit it was quite the experience to show up with 5 suitcases to an empty flat and a new community. We have spent some time in the UK previously, but the changes in moving here add a lot more to the mix; finding furniture, setting up a bank account, learning new jobs, living in community and finding how to “set up home” in a new country is quite the transition. There have been times of being very overwhelmed, we’re learning as we go, but we’ve also experienced many wonderful blessings along the way. It’s been amazing to see God’s provision from furniture to food to the small things that are making the Oval feel like home to us. The trees are currently blooming and there are signs of spring everywhere as we move into the next season of the year. I’m also learning to enjoy each season in life as we go through them. I’m thankful for this season of moving and transitioning, but I’m also looking forward to the upcoming seasons as well. And only God knows what He has planned in the seasons ahead!

Leah, USA

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