I joined YWAM Harpenden as staff in November of last year to work in one of the ministry offices. In my time here so far, it has been interesting to see what life is like ‘behind the scenes’ as it were of a mission organisation that is generally regarded as on the frontline of missions. What do I see most? I see the needs that we have.
In many ways it can be very fulfilling to work here. Getting things done, seeing things happen through your ministry. But there can also be a greatly frustrating ‘hobbled’ feeling – that no matter how hard we work, if we are to realise our potential there is always more that needs to be done than we have time and people to do. We are held back by circumstances seemingly out of our control.
From where I am just now, the limiting factor isn’t that we don’t have enough people from the UK, or that we don’t have enough men, or that we don’t have enough people who are visionaries, or anything like that. It is the dearth of people that serve as accountants, receptionists, and IT workers. Those that do, are invaluable and do a sterling job.
The trouble is, these are the jobs that don’t appear to have a place in missions. People find it hard to believe that you can be a missionary accountant. And for those that do feel called, it is often hard to raise support. There is still a misconception that to be a missionary you have to go overseas; that to serve in missions means being an evangelist and so on. But they most definitely do have a place here. We cannot run our ministry’s website by ourselves. Without an accountant, our ministry and base are going to struggle to keep tabs on bills and the money supporters send us. And as our ministry, base and mission grow, these people become an even more important part in keeping things going day by day; on the days when there aren’t outreaches or big events happening just as much as the days when there are.
It is difficult to recruit people who want to serve in roles such as these. Our DTS’s focus on firing people up for mission and evangelism, and rightly so. So how and from where do these vital people come to us?
We ask God to call them to us, and trust that He will.

Peter, UK

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