Hi there! My name is Heather Brunoehler, Im 25 years old. I am in the School Of Worship 2008 in Harpenden. In my experience not yet having a DTS, this has been a very interesting, exciting and a little tough first week of the School of Worship. I only had previous training in worship through a year and a half of a Worship Internship, but never left the USA. This first week and into the second week, we have been focusing on music theory and band time. It is very good and a bit of a challenge because music theory was always so hard to understand in my college years and seemed to just fly over my my head. As the week went on with our amazing teacher, Julia Berent, God revealed the depth of music to me. I can actually say that I understand 90% more than I ever have before. It was such a revelation to me, and an inspiration as well. I can’t believe how creative God is. So I hope that you understand some of my struggles, but also see how God can use them to both inspire and teach us. I am so excited to see what is next for us.

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