YWAM Harpenden at the ELC!

Last week was very quiet at YWAM Harpenden as many of the staff decamped to YWAM’s training centre in West Sussex for a few days to attend the YWAM English Leaders Consultation (ELC).

This regular meeting was opened up to YWAM England staff from all ministries, to consider and pray about the future of YWAM England. Key items for discussion included how to better accommodate cultural diversity at our centres, and encourage the development of new leaders who will pioneer new teams in new locations.

YWAM Harpenden staff were enthused about this direction. Dan Snell, co-leader for YWAM Harpenden’s communications team loves the excitement and energy of new vision and says the event “challenged us to think about how we view young leaders and how we can create new opportunities.”

Anne Sloan, from the Marine Reach team says it was a highlight to spend time with other YWAMers and especially getting to know some of the young, emerging leaders. She says, “It’s good to talk about what young people are wrestling with and their new visions. I hope it will engage our young leaders at Harpenden to take up their roles within our community and lead us out in areas where we need to grow.

YWAM Harpenden base leaders, John and Suzi Peachey agree. “I am hoping we will be able to incorporate some of these ideas during our base ‘At Home Days,’” says Suzi. “I’d love to see teams at the Oval able to display a visual exhibit which expresses the elements of their dreams like some did at the ELC . And that this might result in a huge shift where new teams being sent out might become a reality.”

John adds, “I’m excited by the faith our emerging leaders have for pioneering new teams in cities! At YWAM Harpenden, we will be making more time for emerging leaders to share where they are on their journey, what their dreams and visions are and then helping connect them with the next steps.”

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