Hey all… Paul here, it’s coming to the end of October, the leaves are changing to yellow, orange and fire red and beginning to fall making our campus very beautiful… Christy and I have been doing a bunch of design for different ministries here on the campus: Orphans Know More, The Oval Café and promo stuff for other courses we run! Oh and we are looking forward to designing a “top secret” something something for YWAM’s 50th next year.

As far as the School of Design preparation goes we are working on getting the classroom ready – right now it is a little red and yellow and kinda cold! So we’ll be doing some painting and heating solutions over the coming month to get it sorted. The School of Worship will be using the same space in January!

If you haven’t joined us yet check out www.facebook.com/schoolofdesignywam and add us as a friend, there are pictures and a video there with more to come… You could also become a “fan” of the school at:


If our course is something you are interested in, you will be pleased to know that you are not on your own… we have been answering enquiries and processing applications! We already have one confirmed student and are looking forward to processing more applications over the coming weeks… maybe yours 🙂

We just posted a video! Check it out, hope you enjoy! If you want to apply you can on this site… or email: registrar@ywamharpenden.org

Until next time…


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