In the last few weeks we’ve had an increase in the number of people inquiring about our SOW and this is really cool!

In one of our past postings we’ve said we had people from South Korea, Taiwan, Nigeria, India and Vanuatu (South Pacific) contacting us, and now we can say that people from Holand, USA, Brazil, Bolivia and an Eastern European country did the same! So if you would like a multicultural experience come and join us!

We have several trainees accepted, most speakers have confirmed they’re coming and a lot of the school program have been planed. How good is that?! And our present focus has been on a detailed look and planing of every week of the course (with all its particularities and variations). There is more to do but I don’t need to bother you with such details for now haha.

Our plans for our multipurpose classroom is brilliant. Together with the leaders of the School of Design and School of Documentary Filmmaking a good plan was made to prepare a classroom that can host this three courses at different times. Soon we will be able to put our ideas into action!

A quick reminder then:

SOW starting date – 6 January 2010

end date – 11 May 2010

cost for lecture phase – 1700 pounds sterling

approximate cost for outreach phase – 600 to 1200 pounds sterling + flights

If you have more questions please write to  – or

You can apply online or download your application form!

God bless,

Dina Santana

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