Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called Sons of God (Matt 5:9)

sojr1When Jesus said this he also recognizes that there will be conflicts, and wars. The Son of God making this statement means HE is not separating the Spiritual world and physical world like many of us do. HE is also not asking HIS disciples to ignore so those who fight let them suffer because it’s destined for them, or they deserve it etc. But HE is encouraging HIS children to be an agent of change. When we receive HIM and believe in HIS name, HE gave us the right to be children of God (John 1:12) and the peacemakers are called as Children of God (Matt 5:9). John writes about our identity once we are in Christ and in Matthew’s gospel Jesus talks about recognition as Children of God. When we do not walk in withdrawing and two kingdom mentality but walk and see as Christ did then we will find favor in the sight of God and also in the sight of men.

In the School of Reconciliation and Justice these days I am challenge on many frontiers but mainly I am encouraged to see the riches stored for me as a peacemaker in the knowledge of God in Jesus Christ, in HIS word the Bible and the transforming power of Holy Spirit that is at work in us.

Reconciliation is nature and Character of God. Jesus obeyed the father; HE gave up HIS reputation, HIS glory, and HIS life and paid the coast. So that we, who were God’s enemies (Rom 5:10) could be reconciled to God the father. Reconciliation is about relationship and in Holy Trinity we have great example of loving relationship of love, respect, submission, and authority.

Reconciliation is when Mercy, Truth, Justice, and Peace meets together (Psalms 85:10 Mercy and truth have met together; Justice and peace have kissed.) These are the four pillars on which reconciliation stands. Without one of this it will not be true reconciliation. At the cross all these four things came together and so we are reconciled to God.

Reconciliation is about Humility and Service it requires patience, non-judgmental attitude, and humility to work as mediator and negotiator to convince two previous enemies on a table to choose a way of peace. All this things are manifested in the nature and Character of God. The attitude of superiority makes us think that we are different. We dehumanize others and deprive the people of the qualities that make them human. Which is exactly opposite of what Jesus did (Philippians 2). Jesus Christ came and broke the wall of separation, and identified himself with human being. He broke the concept of “us” and “them” and HE became one among us, while we were his enemy HE still loved us and came to serve.

As a peacemaker I’m challenged to meditate on Jesus Christ and HIS character, because as I meditate on HIM I shall look myself in HIS light and also see other in HIS light. I shall know about who I am in HIM which in order will be stronger foundation to walk into as a peacemaker. In this journey of reconciliation I am learning to develop sacrificial love for those who walk in dishonoring God’s standard and at the same time embracing the righteous cry for Justice and finally having an experience of seeing the “the face of God” as s child of God.

By: Jitu Dongardive (Student)

(In 3rd week of SORJ 2010)

Jitu Dongardive (School Of Reconciliation and Justice 2010, YWAM, Harpenden, UK.)

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