sojr2, Scott Tjernagel
When I think about this week the Word that comes to my mind is HOPE, as I am Reading and looking over my notes, processing what is written there, I praise God for His revelation and new understanding about His Kingdom. I really appreciate the way that Scott has been teaching us bringing us back to the Origen of creation and leading us to the future and the coming of our King. It was a beautiful journey.
The statement of bringing back the perfection of the future to our present for setting things right in our world, broke all my schemes and brought me a lot of joy and freedom, because I can be doing my part by cooperating with God to establish His Kingdom in this fallen world.
Our desire to change our world for the better seems impossible but we find in Luke 1, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR OUR GOD!!! So we can make a difference and change the world that we live, I can change my world by standing against the evil, standing for Biblical Justice, inviting my King to take control of any situation seeing the Kingdom of God breaking into the present with transformation.
One definition that he gave us about The Kingdom of God and I’m putting in practice is:
And also the Father´s prayer was very beautiful for me; it was the first time for me that I receive a teaching about it, so now I see it like a beautiful and special tool for our intercession times in order to be more effective. I really want to implement it in my daily prayer time and see how the Kingdom comes and His will is done. We are coworkers with God, It´s a very interesting and exciting adventure and I want to do my part.
Bless you.

Vanesa Damián Dongardive
School of Reconciliation and Justice

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